What is Different between XML sitemap and robots.txt ?

If you want to see your site in the top Google results, you need to follow most of the important SEO Guidelines.The two most important files in SEO are the XML sitemap and the robots.txt file, which should be configured in the best possible way.

If you have these two files on your site, Google bots can easily find your site content and index it faster.

XML sitemap Definition:

Simply, the sitemap is placed on the site so that Google bots can find the content of the site faster and easily.This file is generated by the website developer or online SEO tools.

The sitemap file is usually known with the XML extension and is placed in the main path of the site files on the host.

Robots.txt Definition:

This file tells the Google bots to access which pages or features of the website.By command lines or scripts that are placed in this file, Google bots understand what content to crawl and what content to ignore.The robots.txt is known with the extension txt and is placed in the main path of the host.The robots file is created by the site developer or online tools.You need to check your XML sitemap on a weekly.

Is it important to have both files?

If you have these two files on the site, the content of the site will be indexed faster and on the other hand, unnecessary content will be prevented from being indexed.

Remember that the XML sitemap and the robots.txt must be set up accurately with the guidance of SEO specialists, and that any problems with the robots.txt deployment may prevent the site’s content from being indexed.

Important factors to consider for using the XML sitemap

  • In WordPress sites, the XML sitemap file is generated by SEO plugins. Like Yoast SEO plugin.Item 1
  • You can customize how to configure the sitemap file for your site.
  • The size of the sitemap file should not be too large. If the size of this file is large, you should use Gzip files.
  • The generated sitemap file must conform to Google’s standards, otherwise you will encounter an error when submitting the sitemap to Google Search Console.

Important factors to consider for robot.txt use:

  • In WordPress sites, the robots.txt is generated by SEO plugins such as Yoast SEO.
  • It is better to use the document of this site to configure the robots.txt better.
  • You must include the sitemap address in the robots file of your website to allow for the indexing of the content on the site to grow quickly.

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