How to generate sitemap from the command line in magento 2

Magento is a powerful ( e-commerce platform)shop builder based on PHP.With Magento, you can start your business online and set up an online shop as quickly as possible.Product management, order management, and powerful SEO are all features of Magento.One of the interesting aspects of Magento is that the important corporate Adobe bought it in 2018.

Why sitemaps are important in Magento 2?

Having a sitemap makes search engines find the site content better and faster.All content URL is contained in an XML file in the Magento sitemap file, helping search engine robots to access the site’s Content more quickly.

If the site you developed with Magento does not have a sitemap file, it will probably be difficult for your content to be indexed by Google and other search engines.

Generate sitemap from the command line

The sitemap can be appended to the site’s main path by using the following snippet of code.

mirasvit:seositemap:generate --all

Use the following snippet of code if you want to create a specific sitemap:

mirasvit:seositemap:generate --sitemap_id

The id of the necessary sitemap can be taken from the Admin Panel grid in Marketing > Advanced SEO Suite > Site Map.

Magento is a powerful  e-commerce platform that if all its SEO parameters are well observed, online store products will be indexed well in search engines.One of the important steps for improving the SEO ranking of the site is the implementation of a sitemap.One way to create a sitemap is to use PHP command Line to in the Magento  e-commerce platform as quickly as possible.

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