How to Crawl XML Sitemap

How to Crawl XML Sitemap ?

In this post, we are going to mention some important methods for crawling the website.

We should first understand the rationale for sitemap crawling.Usually, the sitemap is crawled with the three purposes:

  • Full access to site URLs
  • Extracting the content of the site pages
  • Site SEO analysis

Two main methods for sitemap crawling:

  • Using programming languages such as Python
  • Using online tools such as Screaming Frog

Using Python to crawl sitemap content

Python programming language is one of the best and most popular programming languages in the world that opens your hands for development.There are many libraries in Python that you can use to access the URLs of the pages in the sitemap.You can use two libraries, Beautiful Soup and scrapy . How these libraries work is given in the source below:

Using the Screaming Frog website

Screaming Frog is one of the prevalent tools in the world of SEO that crawls all pages and provides excellent data to users. After requesting to crawl the pages, it will take some time to crawl and display the Data of all the pages.

For complete access to all URLs of the site, it is enough to get an Export from the results.

Is Screaming Frog free or paid?

The initial use of the Screaming Frog site is free, but it has limits for crawling pages.These limits include crawling at least 500 URLs.To crawl the entire website you need to use its premium account.

Also know that Screaming Frog is a software that is installed on your operating system, you can check all the pages and check SEO by entering the address of your site.

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